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You have reached the website of Paul Francis, a professional drummer and the owner of Orchard Percussion Studio. We have been providing high quality drum tuition and clinics in Essex, United Kingdom, for over twenty years. Our clinics feature World renown drummers such as Jojo Mayer, Mark Schulman, Dave Weckl and Thomas Lang.


Drumming Up Vibrations Book released on 19th September, 2011

Drumming Up Vibrations BookOn many occasions over the years whilst relating stories of my life as a musician people have told me that I should write a book.  Last year I finally got the chance to put pen to paper.  It was quite a task to take on but with help from Goldie and friends I finished it.

"The book is fantastic... yesterday it interrupted my entire day... I had it on my desk at work... and kept just scanning through it... I then took it home and read it from front to back.  All the Tony jackson stuff is incredible" (Australia)
"Just to say I finished the book last night - great stuff.  I've already recommended it to two friends" (UK)
"It was great to learn more about the Tony Jackson recordings" (UK)
"It's a wonderful read and I especially love the press clippings and pictures of Tony/Vibrations, fabulous stuff" (USA)
"I finally started to read Paul's book, why didn't I start earlier?  I really had to force myself to stop reading, cause otherwise I wouldn't be in time to go to work!" (Portugal)
"Just finished your book.  Excl." (UK)
"You did a terrific job of conveying a time in history that was magical and will probably never be repeated" (USA)
"Finished!  What a delight to read... (and I suspect re-read)" (USA)
"Qhat a good read your book was.  I fisnished it in record time!  There was so many things that were akin to my life in music 'gigging' ie the old Bedford van!" (UK)
"WOW!  I can't stop reading your book - it's GREAT!" (USA)
"Paul, the book is absolutely fabulous..." (USA)
"A very enjoyable and unputdownable read, humorous, well written account of the ups and downs of musicians to stay at the top" (Spain)

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New Brian Bennett & Clem Cattini Clinic on 29th April, 2012

An Audience With Two Legendary British Drummers
Brian Bennett (Shadows) and Clem Cattini (Tornados and over 40 No.1 Hits).

See Gallery for Photos.

Congratulations to the following students, Battle Of The Bands competition:

Best Drummer
2010, 2011 - Freddy Dawson

Congratulations to the following students from Colchester Institute, Yamaha Percussion Event, Drummer Of The Year:

2010 - Jim Read
2009 - Cameron Morrell

Congratulations to Glen Little 15 May 2010

Congratulations to Glen Little who on taking up his new position of Principal Percussionist Of the Scots Guards Band is the youngest Principal Percussionist the band has ever had.

Congratulations to Richard Rayner 1 Feb 2009

Congratulations to Richard Rayner for winning 'Young Drummer of the Year' 2009 competition and his recent TV appearance.

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